At XEye medical, we pride ourselves on our relentless pursuit of creating new and better methods for diagnosing ocular disorders.

We devote our time, knowledge and expertise to bridging the gap between theoretical findings and actual non-invasive day-to-day patient care. As such, we work closely with international leading professionals in the medical field.

Our mission is to improve patient outcomes and better serve the needs of healthcare professionals by providing innovative medical devices using eye tracking technology.

Our vision is to be internationally recognized as a provider of innovative solutions within the medical device industry

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XEye medical proudly presents NINE, NINE is a new strabismus test that incorporates the latest remote eye tracking technology together with a unique patented stimulus sequence in one innovative orthoptic device.

NINE is developed to provide reliable gaze positions that enable independent eye movement measurements for patients with strabismus.

NINE turns a standard eye examination into an amusing and fun experience! Do you want to benefit from objective Strabismus measurements? let us tell you why NINE is the optimal solution! NINE aims to fulfil clinicians’ most essential needs It can be difficult to measure gaze angles of young patients, as they move a lot and have a short attention span. This makes it challenging for clinicians to keep the duration of an eye examination short and constant. Once toddlers lose interest, it is almost impossible to re-attract their attention. When a session has to be rescheduled, it results in time loss for both the patient and clinician